Located in the village of Lanciego, and only a few metres from its centre, Erroiz is the new Rioja Alavesa oil mill. Here at Erroiz, we are dedicated to the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil. We ourselves process the ‘Arroniz’ type of olive, which although not being very widespread, is recognised for its intense flavour and is ideal for consumption. Our work is focused on getting the best oils out of this variety for this very reason.
We only process olives from our own olive groves and from those of farmers from the Rioja Alavesa, especially those from our own village. We take special care over the collecting and the processing of the olives, and manage to create very exclusive extra virgin olive oils of the Arroniz variety, sacrificing quantity in favour of quality. These oils are balanced in taste, intense in their aroma and have excellent organoleptic properties, with a high level of polyphenols, which leave a spicy taste on the tongue and palate. 
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