Oliturri is the result of a very ambitious project within the Arroniz variety of olive oils. Produced exclusively from olives from the village of Lanciego, the larger quantity of olives comes from our property called ‘Los Manantiales’, which at the same time gives us its name, because in Basque ‘oliturri’ means ‘source of oil’. The property is less than 5000 and has only 80 olive trees which are so old, we have no means of dating them.

Harvested at the precise moment of ripening, and processed less than 12 hours from collection, Oliturri is an oil that is processed at less than 22ºC. This careful process, along with the characteristics of the Arroniz olive, makes Oliturri an oil with its own special character, fresh to the taste, and reminds us of the green olive. Aromatic, with an agreeable bitterness and a spicy aftertaste, this contributes to the depth and intensity unique to the AOVE.